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About Us

With a passion for organic and natural products, Global Essence brings the best brands in one place

the brand

In honesty, even I cannot not remember why 10 years ago, I insisted on opening “global essence”; a business that provides organic and natural beauty brands. From a store at Cane Road and Repulse Bay, to now where I am only run an online store. I do not say that to gain pity, it was very much my own decision.

Owing to familial reasons, I moved and am living in the English countryside and have been for few years now. In comparison to Hong Kong, a mega city full of competition and pressure, by contrast, this quaint town is very slow. Looking out onto my little Chinese/Japanese style patio every morning has served to be a sort of therapy to me, letting me know that living a good lifestyle is actually so simple. Keep everything simple and take in your surroundings.

On my brand new website, you will find it sells more than just beauty products. It has well-being and lifestyle products as well, for example, an excellent, high-quality English countryside honey, sourced directly from the local bee keepers offering the freshest honey in a finite amount, that will be flown back to Hong Kong. I guarantee you that after you’ve tried this honey once, you will appreciate what is a really good honey is. Who doesn’t like simple and honestly farmed agricultural products?

Now it reminds me why I set up this company from the beginning, because I sincerely appreciate the amazing, honest products. By bringing it back to Hong Kong and sharing with you, I hope you will enjoy the beauty of these products.

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