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Simplifying your daily styling process


iKoo品牌的創辦人是ㄧ對來自德國慕尼黑的夫婦-Christopher and Katrin Von Hallwyl。
夫妻倆人之前都是出色的市場行銷高手;Christopher 先後在Porche Design 及 Kunert AG的行銷部任職多年,對於先進高科技產品的設計理念與行銷策略行銷運用,再熟悉不過了,一向勇往直前與不斷創新的想法,總是在他頭腦盤旋,加上經常出差,頭痛與肩頸酸痛變成了慣性頭痛,阻撓了他的動力。經過好友介紹,他開始尋求中醫的治療,因為單靠吞食止痛藥這治標不治本的方法,讓他感到非常不舒服。幾次頭部與頸部穴道按摩療程後,他頭痛的次數減少了,可是他沒有這樣多的時間去中醫診所治療,中醫建議他每天自行頭部按摩,可試試用梳子來按摩,結果可想而知,市面上並沒有這樣具有中醫穴位按摩功能的髮梳,所以,最終Christopher 與妻子Katrin,於2012年創辦了自己的研究中心,名為Beauty Lab gmbH,並邀集了美髮專家與中醫,加上他們出色的設計團隊,於2012研發出他們第一個ikoo魔力功能髮梳系列-detangling with TCM massage function hairbrush。iKoo魔力功能髮梳,是把不僅僅只是將打結的髮絲梳開,而是把利用人體工學設計原理與中國傳統的頭部穴位按摩功能結合的功能梳子,將梳子的功能帶進了全新層次,讓梳髮不止是為了美麗,更是為了健康!

iKoo自從在慕尼黑上市了iKoo hair brush, 短短幾年就已經遍佈歐洲且得到美髮界人士的認可,知名的媒體也紛紛報導他們的髮梳,讓iKoo很快的括展到國際舞台,美國、中東地區及新加坡先後上市,他們今年的目標就是港台與中國。


Hair awards 2018 by UK Hairmagazine


Back by popular demand for the 12th glorious year! The only
consumer-judged hair award. As in previous years there are two sections:
We had 60 categories for all types of products from shampoo and
conditioner to brushes and electrical tools and we also have a
separate section called ‘The Cut’ which is for Salons and stylist to
enter various categories of their own.

We had over 600 entries this year which is amazing, but also very
tricky when choosing shortlists to be selected for testing. The
judging procedure depends on the category, for example the
product categories like shampoos and conditioners were sent out
to readers of our magazine who wanted to be testers this year, all
are selected depending on their hair types to ensure they are
getting the right products for them. The other categories brushes
and tools are tested at our office, we had a local group of our readers
come in and try them all and they voted for their favourites, the products
that were rated highest won the categories.